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Monday, June 27, 2005

Bloggers blogs

I've been reading thru the blogs I like to frequent and as always found them interesting. Some things stand out at times and I am often tempted to give advice. I don't, however, because I realise I don't have enough info and people aren't always looking for solutions anyways. So, this entry is going to address some things going on in my fellow bloggers life, but in a way that each blogger can just read and dismiss (or actually use).

My ex sister in-law tried for years to have another baby. Her health was failing in some ways and she had seen an fertility specialist faithfully. After years of trying, she gave up, deciding she was getting to old and would just simply enjoy her neices and nephews or a grandbaby or two. Bam--she got caught in the change of life and ended up with a 10 lb baby boy.

A friend came up to me worried to death she may be pregnant. I asked her what was wrong (knowing she wanted to start a family for quite some time). She told me she had been having an affair. Bam--she was indeed pregnant. It turned out to be her husband's child anyways.

This one girl never drank or smoked pot until she met up with this certain circle of friends. In fact, she was always extremely health concious until then. She also was unable to get pregnant. Bam-She spent the whole pregnancy worried (although the dr told her everything looked ok) because of her partying in her first trimester(which is never recommended). She gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

A nice couple I know of had problems making a baby. They opted to adopt. They waited and waited. Finally they adopted a beautiful baby that they loved with all their heart. They were all so happy. Bam-she turned up pregnant 6 weeks after the adoptiong was finalized. They are looking forward to adopting another. Might mean they will have two more.

I've always been super fertile. Thank god for divorce or I would have at least 12 kids by now. I know that I never drank water and always ate a lot of pasta. I never drank or did drugs. But I love coffee to death. I smoke full flavor cigs. Of course these habbits probably didn't have a thing to do with pregnancy --but I figured I'd through it out there just the same--take it for what it's worth. I think one of my children was concieved after this guy drove by me with the windows up and waved while I didn't even wave back.

I'm in no way suggesting that anyone do anything harmful or stop doing what they feel they have to. What I am saying is, if you take a little something out of each of these little stories--who knows? Maybe it will work.
I know it always seems people are broke, immature, insecure or reluctant when they get pregnant. They are always "not ready" or "too old" or "too poor" when they conceive. It's not always a planned pregnancy.

A certain blogger whom I've grown to really care about in the sense I look forward to reading her blog everday and actually wonder how this or that turned out --inspired this entry. I want her to have a beautiful baby and both she and baby be in good health. She stays so active and involved in everything. Such a worthwhile lovable person needs a little baby to share her wealth of life with. My thoughts are with you and I wish I could wave a magic wand and make your dream of motherhood come true.........Maybe I can. Relax and think about nothing for while and perhaps it will happen.