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Friday, September 09, 2005

FF 1.5 beta 1

Ok so here it goes----It seems like I can blog once again with this new FF. However this is an ugly one and I've lost most of my cute extensions for now anyways. I guess it's a trade off for the faster browsing. Worth it for now anyways. I really miss my purple bunny though. It was fun for the day or so it lasted.
At least I can now return to my Blogger and use my favorite browser to do so. I'm still not sure what happened with my non beta one but here I be.
I'm going to check out other compatiblity issues with this --so far so good.
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogger Dear Blogger

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I have returned once again with a new browser in hopes of using my favorite blog once again---I still see some strange jumping around, however my fonts appear almost instantly upon typing them.
Perhaps this will mean the return to my blogging home for me. This is not the best pic of Leo I have but lil one took it and it's a natural one from her short perspective lol.
It's funny how sometimes "Hi, how are you?" seems to lead another into sharing their lack of clothes and morals with you but for some reason this just keeps happening. I've had to leave yahoo land once again for this reason. Damn computer must have crashed again lmao.
I guess I'm just strange ,but for me the thoughts of looking at my square moniter doesn't make me all hot and bothered---at least not enough to get naked. I'm amazed at the people who become aroused by their keyboards yet haven't a thing original to type. Oh baby baby ____insert name, etc etc.
For all they know I could have hairy knuckles and no neck-it just doesn't stop them. Nor does it stop them when I try to explain that I tripped over a boob this morning while I was rubbing my legs together in hopes of starting a bush fire to heat the house for the 10 kids. Just one of those things I suppose.
I live such a G-rated life. I just feel like I'm too young to be tied down with a man right now. Maybe when I'm 50 or 60. And that casual humpety hump thing is just not for me. Hell, I don't even see me naked, why should anyone else? There are other ways of getting a laugh,you know? Oh well, always after my lucky charms.................
I love my job. I wish my co-workers did. They don't seem to like to work. I think I've covered that few dozen times already though. I truly miss my days at the massage clinic. I quit when the economy was so bad though. It became like gambling income-wise though. Rich one week poor the next two. And too much BS working for someone else. My good clientelle didnt always want to go where I was working. You
couldn't blame them either. I need to find a way to include my massage therapy in my current place of employment either as employee or seperate contract. I haven't done my homework as to which would be wisest. I already provide free services to residents so it would be aimed at employees. It would have to be reasonable in cost to them. Or it would have to be a set rate from the employer ---I'll look into it further.
I miss most the idea of people longing to see me and skipping thru the rest of the week after having done so. Funny thing is my back always felt a lot better when I was helping others'.
It's five am and I had better start thinking about a little rest before my shift today. The days are long enough as it is.
As always, life is good.
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