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Sunday, April 15, 2012

loyalty ---Needs a Home

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THIS POOR DOG SAT IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY STREET NEXT TO THE BODY OF HER DEAD COMPANION. People drove by without stopping. Others shot video but left the dogs alone. A police officer drove up, parked his cruiser in a parking lot and laughed with the people shooting video of the sad scene. This poor dog wouldn't leave her buddy's side until animal control took her away. Now she's alone in Baldwin Park Shelter...mourning, scared, confused, and lonely. She is on a stray hold for a few more days. This loyal girl who wouldn't leave her friend's side will need a home, as soon as she is available, with someone who is loving and patient, and willing to give her time and space (if she needs it). Please read the sad story below (I didn't witness this horrible scene and didn't write the plea) and click here to see the video (I couldn't watch it):

April 11, 2012 at approx. 9:45 AM

I was driving south bound on Hacienda Blvd between Maplegrove & Fairgrove Ave. in the City of La Puente . Right in front of Ace hardware store which is on the east side of the street, I encountered a horrible scene. A Large tan dog lay motionless on the northbound slow lane of Hacienda Blvd. While a small black dog lay right beside it. Hacienda Blvd is a very busy street and I noticed cars slamming their breaks and swerving out of the way to avoid hitting the dogs. As this was happening people started to gather taking pictures and video without doing anything to help. I stopped, turned on my flashing lights, and proceeded to block the turn lane. I placed cones blocking the slow lane the dogs laid on. Animal Control was called and was on route to the scene.

The big tan dog which looked to be a Lab/Shepard mix lay dead with a severe head wound; the small black Lab laid crying and shivering. As I approach slowly and calmly, there wasn’t any sign of aggression, or even threat. The black Lab allowed me to approach her; the dogs did not have any kind of collars to identify owners.

Two Sheriff Deputies drive by me as I lay on my knees keeping the dog calm, without even stopping to help. The Third Deputy actually turns into the adjacent parking lot sits in his patrol car, and sparks a very humorous conversation with people standing around recording this event.

Finally! Officer Perez (La County animal control) with his trainee arrives on scene to retrieve the two dogs. As, Officer Perez tries to lasso the black Lab, the dog ran away. Then came back again and lay down next to her fallen buddy. Officer Perez slowly places a rope around the dog’s neck.

I asked him where he was taking the dog, he told me Baldwin Park .

Impound Number: A4416170
Impound Date: 4/11/2012
Sex: Female
Primary Breed: LABRADOR RETR
Age: 2 Years and 0 Months
Location: BALDWIN
Cage No.: B338

found in dumpster..???

found in dumpster..???: "Sue Amazon
22 hours ago
found in dumpster..???

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Who can resist the sweet face of Bailey? Found in a dumpster, Bailey was brought to CACC where she fought for her life until we were able to pull her. 3 month old Bailey is a pittie mix who is as sweet as she is beautiful. While she loves to play with other dogs, she also adores cuddling up with her canine and human companions. Bailey hasn't met anyone she doesn't like and would be a great fit for almost any family. She is nearly potty trained and is ready for her forever home. If you are interested in adopting Bailey, please go to to start the application process!
By: Chicago Pit Stop Rescue
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(6) Wall Photos

(6) Wall Photos:

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Pregnant and needs a safe place to have them.  She is probably scared poor mama. 

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(6) Urgent - Manhattan:

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(6) adoptable pets!

(6) adoptable pets!:

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(6) Scotty:

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