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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Ok, thank you again IE for making my lose my entry--Have I mentioned I hate IE? I am still on a quest for a big huge fake palm tree to go next to or in the pile of sand next to the kiddy pool. A mow or two and some burning of the branches from the last storm and the back yard is ready for party. I don't even mind my son's tent being set up near the smoke pit as it adds that whole campground effect. The volleyball net has become a year round thing. Leo seems to think the backyard is good as gold. I took advantage of a manager's special at Ace's only to find out it was special for the managers to sell broken clocks for 20 bux. So I am back to the quest for a huge living room clock. I was willing to settle before but now I'm determined to find an old "splat" of a huge clock for the livingroom. As always, I'm on a quest for anything to do with storage--dressers --shelves etc. This year is for home and yard decor and car maintenance. I can't wait for my personal year lol. I am also on a quest for a reasonable loan shark ( do those words go together?) .....................

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chipping Away

tithonia morning glory and ivyImage by NyOkieSue via Flickr

I now have the prettiest birdbath on the block, along with the Tithonia's I was on a quest for recently. The kids got me plantable mothers day flowers =yippee. I have the back yard to clean up now in order to put the lil pool in. The OLDs is running smooth other than the exhaust leak that is making me feel a little less than bloggish when I get home. Lots of OT at work lately so I haven't been in creative mode due to sleep deprivation and stress.
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