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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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To thine own self be true..........

It's back to my first blog ever where it's all from the heart and to who ever stumbles upon it. Since my first entry, there has been a lot of growth, set back, and reflection. Mostly, there is always hope. New goals. Reconsideration. New arrivals. Repairs, income and bills. There have been a few disappointments maybe, but as we all know, only we decide what to make of any given situation. It has to do with our expectations. Sometimes I forget how others think and how their priorities differ from mine. I'll be careful to remember from this point on. I'm taking time for me these days as it has become vital. If I don't update this blog it's because I'm drawing again, or jogging, or playing tennis.........It won't be because there isn't enough good times to write about--or concepts to share..........I'll just be out there collecting bloggable events. I feel like I'm celebrating new years late. But here it goes.......This one is for me.

I just simply don't have room in my life for selfish trash any longer. If your intentions are not pure --go suffer with yourself elsewhere....Do not attempt to waste my time as I won't allow you any of it. It's too precious to me. I was talking with a friend about relationships of all kinds. I explained that when I hear people in bad ones say how they are still together because they "work on it", I think to myself, "oh, work on this!" I wonder where I'd be if I continued working any one of mine in the past. Either dead, in a wheelchair or in prison. I left the sinking ship intact. But I have to tell you, My arms are tired from the swim. I made it to shore thru rapid waters and rough current with some shark teeth stuck in my ass. I'm glad I made it. No, I'm not so eager to get on the ship again. I don't care if it's a dingy or a yaht. Although I left the island years ago, I know now where it is and I'm not going back. I will lay on a different shore relaxing and sipping my beverage while tanning. I may even swim and backstroke for awhile. The fishing is great. I can feed my family with them. The faerie, however serves no functional purpose, and most of the time, has too many passengers consuming those fish.
;0) still smiling despite them all .........................

Those baby pandas on the upper right are just too cute.

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