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Friday, July 01, 2005

Today is as Tomorrow could be....

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The alarm went off and the snooze was hit a few times this morning--but what was different is --it just so didn't matter--Maybe I'd have time for the chores and errands, maybe not. Not. So, we got the car loaded up (after unloading the lawn equipment that was part of those chores we no longer had time for), got the beach bag, got dressed, made the call to our fellow swimmer that we would be in route soon, and we hit the road. Lil one and I picked up Twink and went to the liquor store where we got some blue stuff. I like the blue stuff lol. We were going to meet my son and his girl but we missed each other between 4 different swimming holes. It may have been just as well --seeing as I did my impersonation of a laughing, pink buhda most of the day as I basked in the sun. My face still hurts from laughing and I have my tan almost the way I want it now. After giving the blue stuff some time to wear off and eating again to insure it, we headed out to see the grandbaby. There she sat in the bouncy chair grandma got her, in the middle of the living room. She was wearing just a diaper and a big smile. She loves showing grandma her dimple. Grandma loves seeing it too. By then it was time to drop off the Twink, visit a tad and head home. We unloaded the car and decided tomorrow we will do what we can when we can. The only trouble will be that greedy landlord who will be at the door first thing in the morning. I forgot until just now it was rent time again. Hopefully he will wait until Monday---I am going to have to propose something to make the rent due on the 7th as opposed to the first. This paying out of the paycheck prior is really killing me as I no longer get paid on the same days as when I moved in. If he stresses me too bad we will just head out to the lake --and if he harrasses me there I will sic the authoritys on him. The beach is a secret place.

Most of the things on my to do list require money--so they too will have to wait. It's looking more and more like the beach to me lol. I guess I can...........* the following is from memory,not from the heart,as I have lost the rest of this post due to getting the big boot yet again* I guess I can mow, dye and do laundry on my last day off as I have learned that nothing else but work can be done during my work week other than sleep,smoke and eat. Well, maybe a few more things but it was not in my hopes to be totally gross,lol.

Today was a beautiful day. It surprised me not to see the beach totally packed. But then again there are alot of boring, pale, outdoor haters out there. I can't imagine living my life like that. There are actually people who leave their A/C houses to run to their A/C cars to go to yet another A/C stucture(church,work,store etc). Some of these people even go to tanning beds occasionally. ???? I suppose these are the same people who have lactaid right next to the correctol in their medicine cabnets. ????? I don't even try to understand these things. Sun cures all I believe. **** end of memory part of post lol*****

What is from the heart once again is the fact that I am getting mad about both my failure to save these entries in notepad and the fact that getting booted offline will make you lose your post to begin with. You never lose one with firefox -yet my firefox doesn't seem to work with blogger anymore. I am being forced to use Netscape or IE.

Yard work may be in order for tomorrow but that too involves another trip to the lake, as we forgot to pick up a rock from one of the spots we visited. This is a tradition with us. One we neglected for a few years but restarted here recently. I will have to remember to get the film turned in once and for all as it's getting to the point I forgot what is on each roll.

I'm going now to see if I can track my aim buddy down again--the one who IMed me and got me booted to begin with lol.

stay tuned, life is good............

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