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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stuck on step 4...ever.

I am still waiting on a step at 23andMe that most people complete  within a week or so. It's going on 5 weeks for me and a handful of others. It's driving me mad. A nice lady on a group I'm in is trying to unlock her ancestry transfer to ftdna matches. She needs 4 people. Here is the link to use or to at least share for her.

I at least want to help her since all I can do is wait on my stuff. It seems I have space alien DNA or something. Perhaps it's a conspiracy such as "Quick, hide your data and family trees, she is about to get her results and we can only stall her 6 weeks" I just watch and try to be happy for all the people who mailed their kits in weeks after me and already have their results or at least have updates. If it were just one kit I'd be worried but since it's several mailed from different places at different times by different people I know it's either the NC lab or who/what ever posts this date to the site. I don't suppose there is any hope on a Sunday. I'll be checking anyways as I know myself too well to deny this lol 

So far I do know the following things:
I'm U5B2C2 and still waiting on ftdna Full sequence 
I have Quakers galore on one side (I think paternal) 
I have Irish cousins although I have very little Irish DNA. 
My Gedmatch is F373715
None of my Autosomal matches appear to share my maternal haplogroup due to not testing, not being , not sharing or not testing a full enough sequence. 
I know my cousin's trees better than they do and certainly more than  I know my own. 
I have found no evidence of my mother that describes my non id info I was given. 
I'm hoping for a closer match. 
I may never find the truth in my lifetime. 
I'm backing off this search very soon if nothing is found. I won't give up nor abandon it, just focus on the here and now more. :-) 
There are 11 more U5b2c2 little humans since me that I know of for fact. 
No signs of any aunts/uncles/siblings/nieces/nephews looking for me.
If one of my older sibs had kids young and that kid had a kid young and that kid, I may have a great great niece/nephew out there.  
I'll never understand people who don't embrace family. I don't mean in an "in your face" sort of way either. But to see a child that is your great grandchild and not think how freaking adorable and outstanding is some cold crap I don't get. 
It's quite easy for selfish people to walk  away and not look back. 
I help as much as I can even while I'm needing help.  Not everyone shares this approach. 
One can not teach common sense nor can they teach another to have a conscience. 
I need more coffee :-) 


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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you didn't get to know your birth mom. Are your adopted parents able to help you with information?