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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Nothing greatly interesting lately...

Seems like I've just been working and running errands lately only to come home tired and find no one online by the time i get to the computer. Lots of unblogable activities lately. I over slept this am and missed the Saturday bank hours, so I guess I'll take care of that on Monday along with the other stuff I had planned. I'm trying to stay awake to do some midnight planting by the light of the moon. I have a short list for tomorrow but a list just the same. Mostly things I forgot about today. OT comes up next week at work I'd better take it. The wedding is next Saturday and we are almost prepared now. We are lacking a veil-nails-hair-few guests-and something blue. I think we finally figured out who is going to be in the wedding. I have no idea about the reception or the getaway car nor do I know where the honeymoon will be if any. By the looks of things, we may have to take up a collection lol.

I guess I'll put off the muffler thing until the 6th--despite the fact I really don't want to show up at the wedding sounding like a harley.

I guess I better start figuring out what I'm going to wear. hmmm

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Sapulpa dashboard shotImage by NyOkieSue via Flickr

Oh hell yes. I made it back with no stalls. Unfreakinbelievable. I gave him some fresh gas and he is back to his usual can't-go-under-40-self. I'm scared to go back to B and L (because of the unsecureparking lot) and B and D doesn't do mufflers, so I'll be on a muffler shop quest here shortly. I'll definately be using B and D in Sand Springs again for shocks and so forth.

I'm going to try Leon's Muffler shop in Sapulpa and see how resonable they will be with me. I will post the price they give me and for what.

B and L in West Tulsa 75 bucks for cleaning an air sensor? and rigging a hood latch--the fee was for diagnostic testing that didnt show anything? result was car got me home and died. towed it back(via rope) --and they said it's repair was beyond what they could do there. They parked it out front and it got two dents and the license plate stolen. They also added,"If it were running already we could fix it. We can't fix it without it running."

B and D auto in Sand Springs $232.14 =labor 75, parts oil filter air filter ignition coil 5 qts oil 85 wrecker 72. Result= Olds is running like a charm.

Executive Cab =19 bux and actually got me there.

Yellowcheckered Nightmare in Tulsa stood me up.

Auto Zone on Sw blvd has mean evil insulting sarcastic employees that about make you want to cry while you're spending ample amounts of cash.

O'reiley auto parts on sw blvd are polite and at least try to be helpful.

Napa on sw blvd take time to answer questions and give advice although expensive (but they did refer me to B and L auto)

Yes, I will be adding to this transportation reveiw....

Blogger is not my friend tonight as it is taking like 5 minutes for my fonts to appear after I type them.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Olds is up and running

Two new dents and a missing lisence plate but I was able to put some miles on him once again. B and D got it from B and L without the plates. It seems someone in the Tulsa area is now driving with "tye 901" proudly displayed on their ride. My Olds still sounds like it wants to cut out a little. I hope it makes it thru the pay period at least. It's scarey when you've been told four times "she's all set" and then it breaks down wherever it may.
B and D was a little expensive but they got the job done. Plus they had it towed for me. I'm glad they noticed the stolen tag also. I wonder if I will see it again on the highway or if the culprit is reading this right now. If you are the one who stole my plate, thank you. The plate was haunted. That is what was wrong with the car to begin with. I'll wave with one finger as I drive by your broken down heap alongside the highway. Hey, I got a joke for your dumbass just the same, What did one murderer say to the other in heaven?..At least there are no theives up here with us. roflmfao.

I'll be playing catch up for at least the next 2 weeks, but I'm glad to be able to play. Job, car,phone,food,clean clothes too? I just simply don't know how to act. I have decided however, how NOT to act. And that is of how the assholes who left me stranded acted. Those who helped me shall be rewarded as well as all other deserving peeps shall be.

Well here I go for the late night test run -This is the one that usually fails. Good luck to me.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Posted in sapulpaarealovers e-group

I have a life in which I love. It isn't always a fancy one nor an
easy one. In fact it's down right difficult at times. Despite it
all, I celebrate every day I have here on earth and I'm thankful for
all the beautiful aspects of nature and the world. I still believe
the majority of people are beautiful or at least try to be. I don't
focus on the ugly. I'm well aware of it and do my best to enjoy my
world in spite of it(sometimes because of it). I can't control
everything, but I can control the effect it has on me. I try my best
to keep my corner of the world one of which to be proud of and if I
fall short, I draw upon some famous words of wisdom; Fuck it. I can
also control my words and actions so that I can make sure I never
become the "ugly" in someone elses world. I do my best and I realise
that everything we do, say, feel, or experience brings us to today.
There is a reason for everything and very little accidents if any. It
can always be worse even though at times it doesn't seem that way.
Never ask "what next?" because we may find out in a hurry. Even my
worst enemy in the world is richer for having met me. Maybe I even
made them laugh at my expense and brought some beauty in their life
despite them viewing my existance as ugly. I know that if I can't
share a multitude of financial wealth, I can share a good laugh, a
listening ear, a cup of coffee, and a better attitude towards life.
And this is why I am Dr. Sue, the psycho fun loving friend of
many..........................Ask Guss--she will tell

If you don't stand for something, You will fall for anything.

I support open records
I support our troops
I support truth over majority bs
I support these amongst some others


(above)was my response to(below):

Ok either I am the only one who doesn't have a life around here,
which is probably the case or every one else who doesn't have a life
either is so apathetic that they cant even login and post some sort of
B.S. just for shits and giggles so whichever one it is lemme know ok I
can handle but I bet it's the later instead of the former

Cup half full or half empty? Fall victim to or learn from? Sink or swim? Control or be controlled?

Awake again, naturally

I'm up again as tomorrow is the day that I find out if I have a job or not. I've got a cab coming in the morning. I'd actually prefer to be well rested but maybe if I'm delusionally over tired bad news won't hit so hard. I'm eager to work and I now have my duckies in a row. Hopefully it's not too late. My days of asking or paying anyone for anything are over and it is clear to me now whom I will not piss on if they are on fire. Oh hell, I'll be generous, Piss on em! lol. Maybe the lil depressed nap I took this morning will help with my sleep debt I will owe tomorrow --Who knows? I will do what I can do and that is all. It will work out for the best I'm sure. I may have to stay near work at a friends house to insure my early arrival until such time my car is fixed. My OLDS, it shall be purring like a kitten soon. It's just complicated like me at times. I did manage to get the hell out of here for awhile today and have a nice afternoon with a friend. We had some good eats and checked out a casino. Won a tad too. Life is enough of a gamble for me personally, but it was therapeutic to get out of here for awhile. Ok so I'm worried to death about work. I will just accept that and do what I can. Denial can be such a useful tool at times but that concept isn't within my grasp right now. Maybe I can squeeze in a nap before getting up at 4 am. My eyes are crossing now so this could be a good sign. You live and you learn and sometimes you learn, re-learn, forget, learn again etc. ;0)

Good thing I'm not depressed

Well, after missing work again due to ungrateful asses whom I will never give birth to again, I at least got my OLDS to the shop again via a big fat rope. A neighbor pulled me to the shop and refused so much as a few dollars for his help. So many nice people in the world. I'm so grateful to meet yet another. I'm not sure my job is at this point secure but at least the car will be running soon to get another one(I'm praying I didn't lose this one). I really like this job and the people I work with. I'm kind of at the point where I want to give up (or I started to give up already). Hopefully, I'm not a day late and a dollar short with the job thing--but I must face the music and see--hopefully I will just be put on probation or something. I can't keep worrying though it's all but killing me. I'm worried that by the time my ducks are in row it will be too late. When things like this happen you can't blame someone for not believing you because you can't believe it yourself. 2005 in all honesty has sucked for the most part thus far. Come to find out I could have hitched a ride with the neighbor but we hadn't communicated until today. I must just take a deep breath and find out if I still have a job===scary as hell. The lady I was taking to work with me was going to tell the boss right away why I wasn't there with her but it somehow slipped her mind. I found this out after the workday was over. Great. Hopefully this was not maliciousness but what she said, an oversight. I don't quite get it however, as this would be the first thing I would have done when I arrived to work without my usual ride accompanying me. Between MothertheBitchNature and my bad luck with transportation and loyalty I'm kind of left feeling hopeless. Only kind of--cause my will is a tad stronger than that--only a tad. I am going to look beyond myself and circumstances and focus on others. I don't want to be as guilty as those I've fallen victim to lately---make that whom I allowed myself to fall victim to. After all it could be worse. I want it to be better therefore it shall be. It has to be. I'm wondering what time I will be awake today as I've stayed up too late after a long day of nothingness. I accomplished cleaning the house, getting the car to the garage, a trip to the dollar store and grocery store, cooking supper, and making peace with my eldest child. Lil one's friend spent the night and they both seemed to enjoy themselves. Yet another nice person to whom I'm grateful is Marie who took me to the stores. I have tomorrow off from work and I may spend it trying to secure my job lol. Again I'm trying to talk myself out of worrying but I know I messed up and may have to pay the price. Accept-move on. Shit. A puppy was dumped upon me as the culprits made a getaway. Needless to say the puppy has been dumping upon my carpet ever since and I am less than pleased. The puppy is the cutest lil poopin' thing I've seen. Why can't it be ugly and ferocious? It must leave before I give it any more toys or love. Sunny is jealous as hell. But I think Sunny is starting to enjoy it's company if for nothing more than to have something to attack. I guess what is bad is that cars came and went from here after dining, sleeping, playing games, viewing TV, etc. And no one in those cars even considered driving my fat ass to work. I was made to feel like a bag woman looking for a hand out for simply asking for a ride to work -offering gas money no less. These are people who have borrowed my car and not even put gas in on several occasions. No, I will not run them over when the OLDS is running. Repeat 10 x until convinced I say.
I am going to make the best of this and try not cry if I get fired or if I get to keep my job. No happy nor sad tears I will secrete Damn it. Well at least not in public. Life is an adventure--sometimes a scary one--sometimes one spent in the living room without any wheels.

Friday, April 01, 2005

FireFox and OLDS

I'm back with my FireFox and with my OLDS in the driveway sick again. The QT run was a failure as it died twice along the 8 block journey. I'm not sure what the mechanic thought I meant by driveable but I should have been more specific apparently. I wanted to go more miles. Today I missed work because my lack of transportation. So I'm blogging about it. What else can ya do? I guess I'll call the shop and be more specific this time? Then I will figure out how to get the car there. AAA is now officially expired. I should have done this yesterday but I was too tired after waiting four hours for my ride after working 10 hours. I think the test run the mechanic did used up my running time I had lol. Or perhaps it is nap time .......such decisions we face. I am really no good to anyone at this point. Perhaps a power nap will improve things? Or at least I will have a break from me for awhile. I can dream that I have a car that runs. Or that the rent is not due today. Hey--I can call the landlord and say "I have the rent, April Fool's!" But then he would probably say," You have a home, April Fool's!" Yeah, the nap thing sounds like a good idea.