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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Posted in sapulpaarealovers e-group

I have a life in which I love. It isn't always a fancy one nor an
easy one. In fact it's down right difficult at times. Despite it
all, I celebrate every day I have here on earth and I'm thankful for
all the beautiful aspects of nature and the world. I still believe
the majority of people are beautiful or at least try to be. I don't
focus on the ugly. I'm well aware of it and do my best to enjoy my
world in spite of it(sometimes because of it). I can't control
everything, but I can control the effect it has on me. I try my best
to keep my corner of the world one of which to be proud of and if I
fall short, I draw upon some famous words of wisdom; Fuck it. I can
also control my words and actions so that I can make sure I never
become the "ugly" in someone elses world. I do my best and I realise
that everything we do, say, feel, or experience brings us to today.
There is a reason for everything and very little accidents if any. It
can always be worse even though at times it doesn't seem that way.
Never ask "what next?" because we may find out in a hurry. Even my
worst enemy in the world is richer for having met me. Maybe I even
made them laugh at my expense and brought some beauty in their life
despite them viewing my existance as ugly. I know that if I can't
share a multitude of financial wealth, I can share a good laugh, a
listening ear, a cup of coffee, and a better attitude towards life.
And this is why I am Dr. Sue, the psycho fun loving friend of
many..........................Ask Guss--she will tell

If you don't stand for something, You will fall for anything.

I support open records
I support our troops
I support truth over majority bs
I support these amongst some others


(above)was my response to(below):

Ok either I am the only one who doesn't have a life around here,
which is probably the case or every one else who doesn't have a life
either is so apathetic that they cant even login and post some sort of
B.S. just for shits and giggles so whichever one it is lemme know ok I
can handle but I bet it's the later instead of the former

Cup half full or half empty? Fall victim to or learn from? Sink or swim? Control or be controlled?

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