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Monday, April 18, 2005

Olds is up and running

Two new dents and a missing lisence plate but I was able to put some miles on him once again. B and D got it from B and L without the plates. It seems someone in the Tulsa area is now driving with "tye 901" proudly displayed on their ride. My Olds still sounds like it wants to cut out a little. I hope it makes it thru the pay period at least. It's scarey when you've been told four times "she's all set" and then it breaks down wherever it may.
B and D was a little expensive but they got the job done. Plus they had it towed for me. I'm glad they noticed the stolen tag also. I wonder if I will see it again on the highway or if the culprit is reading this right now. If you are the one who stole my plate, thank you. The plate was haunted. That is what was wrong with the car to begin with. I'll wave with one finger as I drive by your broken down heap alongside the highway. Hey, I got a joke for your dumbass just the same, What did one murderer say to the other in heaven?..At least there are no theives up here with us. roflmfao.

I'll be playing catch up for at least the next 2 weeks, but I'm glad to be able to play. Job, car,phone,food,clean clothes too? I just simply don't know how to act. I have decided however, how NOT to act. And that is of how the assholes who left me stranded acted. Those who helped me shall be rewarded as well as all other deserving peeps shall be.

Well here I go for the late night test run -This is the one that usually fails. Good luck to me.

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