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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So Far So Good 4 OLDS

Woodward Park in TulsaImage by NyOkieSue via Flickr

I got the OLDS out of the shop today after explaining I just need it drivable. The mechanic seems to have kept his word and then some. I believe I have found an honest mechanic. He is on w 41st st in Tulsa (B&L muffler). If it makes it a few more days, I will take it back there for some more work. I am so happy. I may need to make a test run in a minute so I can nap well before work later this morning lol. It's going to be a game of catch-up for me now with all the errands and chores that got neglected when OLDS was down. We got him up and running like 4 times only for him to fall down again. Hopefully now he will run a while till I get the big work done. This shop was reasonable too. That's not to mention how fast they worked.
I've been looking at other blogger sites lately and I still feel this one is the best. Some are by invite but don't give you enough of a sneak peak to determine if you even want an invite. I got in on yahoo's 360. It's good to just display pics and post to your friends but definately lacks any template choices. Also, it lets you choose who views each module. It is well organized as far as profile page, personal page, and linking to friends automatically etc. Msn spaces has better looking templates but is about the same concept.
This is the first time I used IE to post a message on this blogger. I must also add this is the first time I had any trouble with blogger. IE is the devil. I am 100 % convinced of this now. I opened and updated the old IE simply to work with certain sites that require it. I wish more would be as compatible with firefox as blogger is. IE just made me lose half of my entire entry --so what you are seeing now is the product of me trying to remember the last paragraph again--oh but trust this is from the heart. I hate IE more than ever. IE is a quirky blinky crashing little browser from the bowels of hell. Yes, I am pissed completely off.
I touched nothing and with a blink my fonts disappeared. FY IE.
I'll be back with my Fire Fox browser so I won't be interrupted again.
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Tulsa Oklahoma 3-19-2005 I love Google

I'm increasingly happier every day. My car is sort of running now. I played with the distributor and jumped up and down on the bumper after filling the tank with some fresh gold...I mean gas. He fired up and I drove him around the block. I think his timing is still off and there is an exhaust problem. But he runs just the same....Yippeeeee!!! I'm so happy Olds is running. *see "My Olds"

The kids went to some over night church thing. It's just Leo, Sunny, the lil one, and me here tonight. Of course they are all asleep. The plant down the end of the block is even quiet tonight.

There are 3 people in Sapulpa tonight that are going to develop a hemorrhoid the size of a hoppety hop any minute now and hopefully bounce their way back to their homeland of hell. I simply can't wait. You see, what goes around comes around. They have no clue. They are so full of hate, it consumes every minute of their existence. What a burden it would be to carry such baggage. I've finally figured out why certain people are mean to good people. When you intentions are pure, these demons despise you and will do anything to make you appear as ugly as they are. They can't stand it that one can still focus on the positive. It is their goal to taint your views and judgment of the world. You can't do it, Bimbo. It just can't be done. I control that--not you and that hurts you. And Bully, you are weak and dopey. You look like a newborn ostrich on crack with a bad hair cut. Oh yes, and to Mr Prosecuterswillbeviolated, don't worry, this will never happen to you. You have got to be the most boring, ugly, undesirable piece of ca ca I have ever seen. You are so unimpressive and out of touch with reality, that you are a legend in your own thoughtless mind. You are an otherwise empty shell filled with nothingness. All that money on law school, what a waste. You pollute the space you take up.

I give it one year. Within that time there will be changes to that dirty lil network. They are so going to be exposed and the truth will come out. All the dirty deals, all the drug trafficking, all the lies, all the tampering and otherwise illegal activity. This is my prayer. I know I can't change the world, but I'm going to fix a piece of it or two. My world is intact, free of all the clutter of greedy, hateful, deeds. For every lie that they tell--I will tell the truth. They can try to twist and deceive all they want but they are going to be exposed. Bimbo, I trusted you to look into things and you neglected the call of truth. You simply don't care as you feel you are invincible. You are not. What happen to me could happen to you and is happening to many others because of people in authority like yourself who simply have no conscience. Laws and religion were devised for people who have no conscience. I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I know one from the other and have a clear conscience. I don't need regulations and outward forms of structure to do what is right. Apparently--you do. If it doesn't make you money --you don't care. Well you are about to care. You and people like you are going to learn something you didn't learn in school. You are at this point aware of situations and therefore now, you are liable. You need to be held accountable for the actions you not only allow but condone. You cheer on and giggle about the violent treatment of those you feel are inferior to you. It's about to turn around. The difference is- I don't take pleasure in another's misfortune. One's pain is not my gain unlike with you.

I still know there are so many wonderful, good people in all walks of life. I remain focused on them. Thank you to all the good people some of which may not even agree with me but still show kindness and respect. Maybe this is about respect. We all respond so much better to it. It should be that we can always expect it but unfortunately, there are some people who just don't show any for whatever reason. Regardless, I do appreciate those who are strong enough to show it. When you are secure in yourself, you are not afraid to be kind to others and show them respect. I met some really nice people thru all this dark ugly stuff. One of which, may think I'm full of beans, lol, but was still a complete gentleman and for that I am grateful.

I think I may take the car for another test run to Quick Trip and pray that I don't break down on the way. And if I do, it won't be blocking traffic or something. I better bring a coat just in case....What an adventure this is going to be. Life is so exciting. I guess I better take the lil one with me just in case........

Monday, March 07, 2005

Not a doctor........

I'm not a doctor, in fact, I don't even play one on TV. So I will spare you the medical reasons for and definitions of etc.; fever. Lets just say, fever is you having the ability to fry an egg on your forehead yet the sensation of being at the north pole naked with a frozen washcloth stuck to your ...ear. Today, after watching movies on the wall that weren't really there, for some unknown period of time, I decided to take my temperature. Shivering, wheezing, whining, and limping, I made it over to the desk where I found that thermometer. You know the one, THAT one. I love that ear thing. I finally get to use it for me. After all, I had to wait 4 years for the price to go down so I could be a proud owner of the earthingamabobberdoodler. So there it beeps........106. Ok redo.....There it reads.. 106? Great. So this is how its all going to end? My hair isn't even done. Ibuprofen is our friend by the way. I got real close to my friend. I got a lot of friends together (the couch being my main friend). There is no vicks in the house and there is no way I'm taking a dip in the arctic waters of the bath tub. So there I was, Improvising like I know to do, complete with noxema thick on mug, menthol alcohol all over everything that could stand it, doped up on daytime (store brand) and ibuprofen, hair looking like Kramer, eyedrops in eyes and nose spray in nose. I think I may have got a hold of some Q-tips, but I really couldn't think of what for. *Please note there were some other extreme things from HELL going on with me that someone may LIE to you and say is just NATURE, but I'm not going to elaborate. Lets just say I HATE each and every ONE of you and may your $%^& FALL OFF!!!.........But I'm not bitter........ Oops, typo. hm hmm.

Ok so now we have a visual and feel for what is going on, it's no longer "this", and "that" got dismissed a few degrees ago. I am now unquestionably, officially sick as a mf dog. Bowfreakingwow. I know what I must do at this point. I am in control --The Power is mine--the power does Not belong to this ...this...circumstance. I am going to carry on and take care of business.

10 minutes later?

I'm on the couch trying to sleep some of this off. My eyes pop open and I can't breath. I roll over after hacking and coughing like my tonsils are going into labor--and with all the speed of a herd of turtles---I spring to my feet looking ever so much in control (in a Phyllis Diller sort of way) and I take charge. Yes, I make the decision. I make the coffee. (Although it says in the bible that the man is supposed to make the coffee *Hebrews) I make some calls, having to explain at least 5 times who I am and why I sound like Sylvester Stallone. And of course, as you might have guessed, I of course did my hair. It was a slow process, but I did it. Can you say hypothermia? I hope so, cause I sure in the hell can't spell it. But I believe I lived it today---still not sure.

Ah, fever, it's such an adventure. I'm really not sure of anything else that took place today. I know my car almost got fixed. I know I got an online coupon for something that I ordered and ate. I know I can count high enough to pay some guy at the door with his hand out and a insulated box full of pizza. I vaguely remember handing someone something for grocery items. I wasn't involved in that quest---I wonder what I bought? Oh yes I remember several dozen trips to a little vault like room with dolphins wearing sunglasses. There were so many voices today. One can't make out each one of them however.

I so wanted to blog today, such a shame that I just can't find the words, the thoughts, the ideas. I'm at a loss for words. But good news, it's a new day--with new adventures--and I'm here for it. I made it. Sleep is going to be the enemy now. The fight begins. I will win. I will look like Don Knotts on crack, but I will win. The couch entices me as I stand strong and determined against sleep and all it's evils.

I truly thought yesterday was a blur while it was (I think) occurring, yet now I see clearly it was yet another wonderful learning experience in my ever so charming life. Amongst the many things I have learned, one of which, is that I can multi-task with the best of them. I now know that I can cough, sneeze up to 5x in a row, gush with the force of 20 red paint ball cannons (if there is such a thing), print coupons, clean the house and count money all at the same ever so foggy, time!

.........She turns, hangs her head, aqua trickling ever so lightly until she executes the snifflesave action with her well trained,now experienced, nostril, and hobbles away into the darkness.....for the sun is ready to rise, with it's unmerciful plan of blinding the crap out of her red, far-away looking, road-mapped eyes.........The curtain closes...........

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Goals (dont bother reading)

This post will be boring to everyone but me but of course that has never stopped me before.

  • I will have a new job by the end of this week. (That money thing again)
  • I will quit smoking while I still have money and cigarettes. Otherwise the challenge of obtaining them will be too great . (cough)
  • I will lose one size by the end of this week. (that's an easy one)
  • I will pay the phone some how by the end of this week. (I must if I'm to continue blogging)
  • I will complete one creative project before Monday. (Looms await)
  • I will be prepared for the second week in march by Monday. (And justice for me)
  • My car will be running and I'll get it in for tune up. (Let freedom ring)
  • I will remember to make all those damn phone calls I keep forgetting about this weekend. (I will remember before 12 am.)
  • I will force water down (very difficult)
  • I will get Mikey to write his poetry on his own blog. (possitive manipulation?)
  • I will have certain bills paid. (*see utility extortion)
  • I will change this list every so often. ( ?)
  • I will eventually quit writing so damn many lists. (It could happen)
  • I will shop at Cato's lol
  • [test] (This is not a node.)
  • I will continue my lil home study project for this year. (May have to back track a tad)

At Most........

When ever we say "At least" this or that; trying to look on "the bright side", it means we have already settled for the negative. We have acknowleged the bad incident, accepted the dismal truth/lie, we have given up. Although we are in fact "trying" to be possitive, we have been defeated by some schmuck or group of such. Maybe even by a concept, rule, unjust law, or misconception. Life is far too short for "at least". We need AT MOST. We want AT MOST.
When we do things despite and or because of anything we have given it power. Not that we shouldnt learn. But that we should grow. It's always the same--it's change. Pessimists have it over on optimists because they know what can happen without change whereas an optimist believes things will be ok. The pessimist will take steps towards there goal. That is if they still have any.
Of course, At most ideas and considerations are always changing if not --it would be a limited concept in which we "At Mosters" would have no part of. Anything that limits any person is unacceptable. If it focus' on what is not or can not etc., it should be ignored . If we act on it or change as a result again we have given it power. This includes words, ideas, insults etc. We also need to advocate for those who dont yet do so for themselves. The power belongs to each one of us within ourselves. Certain people would love to throw us a scrap or a bone and say "at least" this or that---But we are going for At most and again their lil peices of crap are unacceptable and not enough.
We as individuals are too beautiful and perfect at being ourselves to settle for at least. This does not mean we can not be content (because that in itself is a extremely wonderful place to be) nor does it mean we can't be at peace or even that word we dare not say HAPPY. It just means that so much is possible and so much is for our taking, that we should be "At most"= where we need to be. The key is we decide where that should be and only us. And yes we can enjoy the journey every step of the way. And yes it can be to new and exciting places as well as comfortable ones we love already. I'm the best at being me.
For those who cant decide what you want to do or where you want to go or what you'd like to achieve --remember you have already decided thus far --and it's ok. Tomorrow you may be somewheres else and that is ok too. It's about being you and going where you want to go. Its about dismissing certain peoples limitations they try to put on you.
Ok so you want to go on an expensive vacation tomorrow and you dont have the money today. Why do you want to go? What can you do to get the money? Who says you can't go? etc etc If money is a goal --then do what you can. If info is a goal -- there is everything out there. Chances are if you are thinking money you are either very broke and needing the basics or you're pretty rich in funds to begin with.
What is the greatest thing is "At most" just keeps changing. Someone else's "at most" doesn't matter. Someone else may have missed the simple pleasures you own already. Its about you and yours. It's about being satisfied with knowing you can say "At most" everyday of your life.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A little less than positive.............

I'm not the type to get depressed but if I were--I would be now.
Answering machines: If I don't get the first message, why in the hell would I get the other 10? If you intentionally hog space on the answering machine (which no one is that stupid so it must be on purpose) I'm not giving into your manipulation. Not to mention if you want money you probably just bumped off a source of it by being a prick.
Utility Extortion--Why is it legal? "If you don't give us money, we will make you freeze your fat white ass off" isn't that like the worst of threats there is? Or "If you don't give us money-we will make you blind tonight" or how about the plain ol' "Pay up or live in drought"
Landlords: They don't become such because they are kind folks,lol. But must they come to the door in the middle of the night looking like they want your money for a fix? Or is that just mine?
Kids: They are slowly trying to kill us all --and the end result will be their goal. (of course on the bright side --the end result is that without kids too)
Money: Where?
The dog and the cat love me and don't talk back. Don't mess with them.
Housework: For god's sake! Don't touch a damn thing!
The weather should be kept outside. *see utility extortion.
Gravity: It's not our friend.
To be continued at a later time when I can think straight. Due to the high volume of children, I'll have to finish my mini nervous breakdown and I'll be back........