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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

At Most........

When ever we say "At least" this or that; trying to look on "the bright side", it means we have already settled for the negative. We have acknowleged the bad incident, accepted the dismal truth/lie, we have given up. Although we are in fact "trying" to be possitive, we have been defeated by some schmuck or group of such. Maybe even by a concept, rule, unjust law, or misconception. Life is far too short for "at least". We need AT MOST. We want AT MOST.
When we do things despite and or because of anything we have given it power. Not that we shouldnt learn. But that we should grow. It's always the same--it's change. Pessimists have it over on optimists because they know what can happen without change whereas an optimist believes things will be ok. The pessimist will take steps towards there goal. That is if they still have any.
Of course, At most ideas and considerations are always changing if not --it would be a limited concept in which we "At Mosters" would have no part of. Anything that limits any person is unacceptable. If it focus' on what is not or can not etc., it should be ignored . If we act on it or change as a result again we have given it power. This includes words, ideas, insults etc. We also need to advocate for those who dont yet do so for themselves. The power belongs to each one of us within ourselves. Certain people would love to throw us a scrap or a bone and say "at least" this or that---But we are going for At most and again their lil peices of crap are unacceptable and not enough.
We as individuals are too beautiful and perfect at being ourselves to settle for at least. This does not mean we can not be content (because that in itself is a extremely wonderful place to be) nor does it mean we can't be at peace or even that word we dare not say HAPPY. It just means that so much is possible and so much is for our taking, that we should be "At most"= where we need to be. The key is we decide where that should be and only us. And yes we can enjoy the journey every step of the way. And yes it can be to new and exciting places as well as comfortable ones we love already. I'm the best at being me.
For those who cant decide what you want to do or where you want to go or what you'd like to achieve --remember you have already decided thus far --and it's ok. Tomorrow you may be somewheres else and that is ok too. It's about being you and going where you want to go. Its about dismissing certain peoples limitations they try to put on you.
Ok so you want to go on an expensive vacation tomorrow and you dont have the money today. Why do you want to go? What can you do to get the money? Who says you can't go? etc etc If money is a goal --then do what you can. If info is a goal -- there is everything out there. Chances are if you are thinking money you are either very broke and needing the basics or you're pretty rich in funds to begin with.
What is the greatest thing is "At most" just keeps changing. Someone else's "at most" doesn't matter. Someone else may have missed the simple pleasures you own already. Its about you and yours. It's about being satisfied with knowing you can say "At most" everyday of your life.

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