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Friday, March 18, 2005

Tulsa Oklahoma 3-19-2005 I love Google

I'm increasingly happier every day. My car is sort of running now. I played with the distributor and jumped up and down on the bumper after filling the tank with some fresh gold...I mean gas. He fired up and I drove him around the block. I think his timing is still off and there is an exhaust problem. But he runs just the same....Yippeeeee!!! I'm so happy Olds is running. *see "My Olds"

The kids went to some over night church thing. It's just Leo, Sunny, the lil one, and me here tonight. Of course they are all asleep. The plant down the end of the block is even quiet tonight.

There are 3 people in Sapulpa tonight that are going to develop a hemorrhoid the size of a hoppety hop any minute now and hopefully bounce their way back to their homeland of hell. I simply can't wait. You see, what goes around comes around. They have no clue. They are so full of hate, it consumes every minute of their existence. What a burden it would be to carry such baggage. I've finally figured out why certain people are mean to good people. When you intentions are pure, these demons despise you and will do anything to make you appear as ugly as they are. They can't stand it that one can still focus on the positive. It is their goal to taint your views and judgment of the world. You can't do it, Bimbo. It just can't be done. I control that--not you and that hurts you. And Bully, you are weak and dopey. You look like a newborn ostrich on crack with a bad hair cut. Oh yes, and to Mr Prosecuterswillbeviolated, don't worry, this will never happen to you. You have got to be the most boring, ugly, undesirable piece of ca ca I have ever seen. You are so unimpressive and out of touch with reality, that you are a legend in your own thoughtless mind. You are an otherwise empty shell filled with nothingness. All that money on law school, what a waste. You pollute the space you take up.

I give it one year. Within that time there will be changes to that dirty lil network. They are so going to be exposed and the truth will come out. All the dirty deals, all the drug trafficking, all the lies, all the tampering and otherwise illegal activity. This is my prayer. I know I can't change the world, but I'm going to fix a piece of it or two. My world is intact, free of all the clutter of greedy, hateful, deeds. For every lie that they tell--I will tell the truth. They can try to twist and deceive all they want but they are going to be exposed. Bimbo, I trusted you to look into things and you neglected the call of truth. You simply don't care as you feel you are invincible. You are not. What happen to me could happen to you and is happening to many others because of people in authority like yourself who simply have no conscience. Laws and religion were devised for people who have no conscience. I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I know one from the other and have a clear conscience. I don't need regulations and outward forms of structure to do what is right. Apparently--you do. If it doesn't make you money --you don't care. Well you are about to care. You and people like you are going to learn something you didn't learn in school. You are at this point aware of situations and therefore now, you are liable. You need to be held accountable for the actions you not only allow but condone. You cheer on and giggle about the violent treatment of those you feel are inferior to you. It's about to turn around. The difference is- I don't take pleasure in another's misfortune. One's pain is not my gain unlike with you.

I still know there are so many wonderful, good people in all walks of life. I remain focused on them. Thank you to all the good people some of which may not even agree with me but still show kindness and respect. Maybe this is about respect. We all respond so much better to it. It should be that we can always expect it but unfortunately, there are some people who just don't show any for whatever reason. Regardless, I do appreciate those who are strong enough to show it. When you are secure in yourself, you are not afraid to be kind to others and show them respect. I met some really nice people thru all this dark ugly stuff. One of which, may think I'm full of beans, lol, but was still a complete gentleman and for that I am grateful.

I think I may take the car for another test run to Quick Trip and pray that I don't break down on the way. And if I do, it won't be blocking traffic or something. I better bring a coat just in case....What an adventure this is going to be. Life is so exciting. I guess I better take the lil one with me just in case........

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mary dator said...

Susan-I enjoyed reading your goodies, too. Thanks for the kind words. Here's to motherhood, eh? Mary