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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So Far So Good 4 OLDS

Woodward Park in TulsaImage by NyOkieSue via Flickr

I got the OLDS out of the shop today after explaining I just need it drivable. The mechanic seems to have kept his word and then some. I believe I have found an honest mechanic. He is on w 41st st in Tulsa (B&L muffler). If it makes it a few more days, I will take it back there for some more work. I am so happy. I may need to make a test run in a minute so I can nap well before work later this morning lol. It's going to be a game of catch-up for me now with all the errands and chores that got neglected when OLDS was down. We got him up and running like 4 times only for him to fall down again. Hopefully now he will run a while till I get the big work done. This shop was reasonable too. That's not to mention how fast they worked.
I've been looking at other blogger sites lately and I still feel this one is the best. Some are by invite but don't give you enough of a sneak peak to determine if you even want an invite. I got in on yahoo's 360. It's good to just display pics and post to your friends but definately lacks any template choices. Also, it lets you choose who views each module. It is well organized as far as profile page, personal page, and linking to friends automatically etc. Msn spaces has better looking templates but is about the same concept.
This is the first time I used IE to post a message on this blogger. I must also add this is the first time I had any trouble with blogger. IE is the devil. I am 100 % convinced of this now. I opened and updated the old IE simply to work with certain sites that require it. I wish more would be as compatible with firefox as blogger is. IE just made me lose half of my entire entry --so what you are seeing now is the product of me trying to remember the last paragraph again--oh but trust this is from the heart. I hate IE more than ever. IE is a quirky blinky crashing little browser from the bowels of hell. Yes, I am pissed completely off.
I touched nothing and with a blink my fonts disappeared. FY IE.
I'll be back with my Fire Fox browser so I won't be interrupted again.
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