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Friday, April 01, 2005

FireFox and OLDS

I'm back with my FireFox and with my OLDS in the driveway sick again. The QT run was a failure as it died twice along the 8 block journey. I'm not sure what the mechanic thought I meant by driveable but I should have been more specific apparently. I wanted to go more miles. Today I missed work because my lack of transportation. So I'm blogging about it. What else can ya do? I guess I'll call the shop and be more specific this time? Then I will figure out how to get the car there. AAA is now officially expired. I should have done this yesterday but I was too tired after waiting four hours for my ride after working 10 hours. I think the test run the mechanic did used up my running time I had lol. Or perhaps it is nap time .......such decisions we face. I am really no good to anyone at this point. Perhaps a power nap will improve things? Or at least I will have a break from me for awhile. I can dream that I have a car that runs. Or that the rent is not due today. Hey--I can call the landlord and say "I have the rent, April Fool's!" But then he would probably say," You have a home, April Fool's!" Yeah, the nap thing sounds like a good idea.

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