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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Sapulpa dashboard shotImage by NyOkieSue via Flickr

Oh hell yes. I made it back with no stalls. Unfreakinbelievable. I gave him some fresh gas and he is back to his usual can't-go-under-40-self. I'm scared to go back to B and L (because of the unsecureparking lot) and B and D doesn't do mufflers, so I'll be on a muffler shop quest here shortly. I'll definately be using B and D in Sand Springs again for shocks and so forth.

I'm going to try Leon's Muffler shop in Sapulpa and see how resonable they will be with me. I will post the price they give me and for what.

B and L in West Tulsa 75 bucks for cleaning an air sensor? and rigging a hood latch--the fee was for diagnostic testing that didnt show anything? result was car got me home and died. towed it back(via rope) --and they said it's repair was beyond what they could do there. They parked it out front and it got two dents and the license plate stolen. They also added,"If it were running already we could fix it. We can't fix it without it running."

B and D auto in Sand Springs $232.14 =labor 75, parts oil filter air filter ignition coil 5 qts oil 85 wrecker 72. Result= Olds is running like a charm.

Executive Cab =19 bux and actually got me there.

Yellowcheckered Nightmare in Tulsa stood me up.

Auto Zone on Sw blvd has mean evil insulting sarcastic employees that about make you want to cry while you're spending ample amounts of cash.

O'reiley auto parts on sw blvd are polite and at least try to be helpful.

Napa on sw blvd take time to answer questions and give advice although expensive (but they did refer me to B and L auto)

Yes, I will be adding to this transportation reveiw....

Blogger is not my friend tonight as it is taking like 5 minutes for my fonts to appear after I type them.

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