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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Nothing greatly interesting lately...

Seems like I've just been working and running errands lately only to come home tired and find no one online by the time i get to the computer. Lots of unblogable activities lately. I over slept this am and missed the Saturday bank hours, so I guess I'll take care of that on Monday along with the other stuff I had planned. I'm trying to stay awake to do some midnight planting by the light of the moon. I have a short list for tomorrow but a list just the same. Mostly things I forgot about today. OT comes up next week at work I'd better take it. The wedding is next Saturday and we are almost prepared now. We are lacking a veil-nails-hair-few guests-and something blue. I think we finally figured out who is going to be in the wedding. I have no idea about the reception or the getaway car nor do I know where the honeymoon will be if any. By the looks of things, we may have to take up a collection lol.

I guess I'll put off the muffler thing until the 6th--despite the fact I really don't want to show up at the wedding sounding like a harley.

I guess I better start figuring out what I'm going to wear. hmmm

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