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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A little less than positive.............

I'm not the type to get depressed but if I were--I would be now.
Answering machines: If I don't get the first message, why in the hell would I get the other 10? If you intentionally hog space on the answering machine (which no one is that stupid so it must be on purpose) I'm not giving into your manipulation. Not to mention if you want money you probably just bumped off a source of it by being a prick.
Utility Extortion--Why is it legal? "If you don't give us money, we will make you freeze your fat white ass off" isn't that like the worst of threats there is? Or "If you don't give us money-we will make you blind tonight" or how about the plain ol' "Pay up or live in drought"
Landlords: They don't become such because they are kind folks,lol. But must they come to the door in the middle of the night looking like they want your money for a fix? Or is that just mine?
Kids: They are slowly trying to kill us all --and the end result will be their goal. (of course on the bright side --the end result is that without kids too)
Money: Where?
The dog and the cat love me and don't talk back. Don't mess with them.
Housework: For god's sake! Don't touch a damn thing!
The weather should be kept outside. *see utility extortion.
Gravity: It's not our friend.
To be continued at a later time when I can think straight. Due to the high volume of children, I'll have to finish my mini nervous breakdown and I'll be back........

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