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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mallet Madness (Classroom Project at

Mallet Madness (Classroom Project at

My Students: Do you remember learning to play the recorder? Or getting so excited when it was finally your turn on the xylophone? My students have not yet discovered this joy because we lack in working xylophones and have no music for our recorders. Help me give my kids those experience that we all remember!

My students are such blessings! I teach music at a community school. Since we are in a high poverty area that is largely Hispanic, we strive to be a place of security for our families. A lot of my kids struggle with the language barriers as well as poverty. My kids are excited about music and I want to be able to share that joy with them! They want to learn how to play the recorders, they want to play the xylophones and I want to give that to them.

My Project: With the donation of these resources, my students will be able to start Mallet Madness on instruments that work! They will be able to take that recorder home and play what they learned for their parents. The other resources will be put into centers where the children can learn about the amazing composers from before their time. We will be able to build community and team work through the line dancing resources. All of these resources will help to encourage and bring joy to my kids. Thank you for giving my students the gift of music!

Thank you for donating these resources to my students. There is no greater gift then the gift of music! These resources will help to bridge the gap between music and the classroom. Help music come alive at our school!hide»

My students need music supplies, such as egg shakers, posters, and ribbons to learn rhythm through music.

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