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Thursday, October 09, 2014

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Quick Update
   I got a call the other day while trying to sell my adopted Dad's house that I grew up in. It was my "birth mom" telling me the DNA was wrong. I don't know what prompted this but there it was. My search continues after being on hold for 14 years thinking we had been reunited.
  I still feel my nonidinfo is bogus. If it is not bogus then my siblings are not looking for me for whatever reason. Perhaps they have been given bogus info. No one knows where to look for anyone nor do they know who they are looking for. Sounds easy enough right? lol

I'm on all of the registries once again. I'm searching for a dead female 1934(33)-1967 cause of death septicemia and four older siblings possibly in New York State. At this point I would just like to know her name or see a photo of her and her mother. I'd like to know where to put flowers.

I need a list of all females who died in the united states in early 1967 (which should be jan-april based on early mid and late) of septicemia. That would narrow it down there. But there is a problem with this too. They reassigned the cause of death on a lot of septicemia deaths.

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