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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Not enough time.......

Time flys when you need more of it. I have found you turn 36 and then you're 100. It takes forever to get to be 36 and a split second to be looking for prunes, breaking a hip, crackling and popping and needing the music turned down.......allllllll the way down. It took me a lifetime to be as old as I am now. That is old enough to realize how young I am.

Yesterday I gave birth to a lil apple cheeked, bright eyed, curly haired, chubby baby with a perfect shaped head, lil ears, nose and toes, and big smile. Mommy's lil angel. Her eyes held all the answers. I'd look in them and know everything that mattered.

The next day she learned to talk. After that she learned to walk.

I became scared. I knew less.

She then learned to talk even louder. I was clueless. I looked in her eyes and seen my own blank stare.

A day or so later she learned to walk further. Coming back with dirty laundry. I began to know something once again........ She walked out of sight.

My life became hell.

Today she is going to have a baby. How is that possible? I look in her eyes and I know all that matters. Its time for baby Angela. Granny's lil angel.

I guess looking back there were many, many things in between. I guess this means we survived. We are starting a new page, chapter, book, series. The baby has created a grandma, uncles and aunts within our team. A team is what we've always been. Our bond is something no one dare challenge and no is able to threaten. Oh, and by the way, the baby is having a baby.

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