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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Personal type update and zemanta link test.

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I haven't written much else on Adoption/Birthfamily reunions since my earliest posts. My Birth mom is doing great and is working on her new site. She is an extremely talented author. Seems like an important part of my life began when I met her..again ;-) ( I was 36 years old). She is also a water color artist and creates beautiful images. We made her a great grandmother a few years ago!

Things are great with my birth Dad also. He is enjoying a nature filled life in Arizona and takes the most beautiful photos. He is retired and remains very active and healthy.

I'm using this zemanta thing for firefox in hopes of pulling some new links that I haven't already mentioned for Adoptees and birth-family reunions. Nothing to grand so far, but perhaps as time goes on zemanta will add more sites to link to. Also it would be nice if you could post more pics directly through there service like the one above. Of course there is nothing to stop you from using normal methods of posting.

I'm going to go thru old posts and see if I re-edit them if the zemanta can help with additional links. I see a lot of definition type links but we, of course, are after new adoption-Adoptee-Birth family- type information.

Happy Searching and Have the best of luck!

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