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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Year for Reunions

I just love it when I hear of new birth family reunions. I just read a blog entry on of two sisters reuniting using . At one point, I was looking for five siblings and a grave for my mother--father unknown. That was due to bogus information from my official nonidinfo from NY state. Instead, I found my birth mom, dad and a cool as can be sister. But thru my original search, however, I learned how difficult sibling searches can be. With bogus info, sealed records, and how DNA tests are with siblings--it can seem impossible. It's not impossible though. :-)

What's weird is when I began reading the post I automatically thought of my neighbor friend Suzy Z. as she was born in 65 and was adopted thru catholic charities. I wonder what ever happened to her. Married names on top of adopted names can make a search more difficult unless you throw out the concept of names and start looking into those gut feelings and "coincidences" --it worked for us. :-)

Have a good weekend.

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